Seller Hints

couple-next-to-sold-signSellers:  Pricing
Proper pricing is a huge part of marketing. No amount of advertising will sell an over-priced property. On the other hand, you don’t want to sell below market value. Have your agent provide examples of comparable sold properties and information of properties that are currently for sale that will be competing with yours. With your agent, develop a realistic pricing strategy based upon your objectives and time frame.

Sellers:  Exposure
Choose a real estate agent and company that are known for consistent results! That means they must have a comprehensive marketing plan that utilizes the best methods of giving your property maximum exposure to the buying public. Ask if they are part of a multiple listing service, and if they fully utilize the national real estate websites, as well as their own. Site signs, billboards, Buyer’s Guides, Sport Shows, Referral Systems and more should be part of an active agent’s arsenal.

Sellers:  Prepare the Property
Stand back and check for curb appeal. Does anything need paint? Are the shrubs trimmed, is the lawn mowed? Does anything need repair? You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Inside, start the process by de-cluttering rooms, clean closets, and consider putting extra furnishings in storage. Too much furniture can make even a large room seem small. Some suggest removing pictures from your house so that buyers can picture themselves in your space. Wondering what else to do? An experienced agent can give you home enhancement recommendations that are cost effective and create more sale appeal.

Sellers:  Vet your Agent; then follow that Agent’s Advice
You will want an active, well informed agent who is able to communicate well with you.  Look for experience and trustworthiness. Your agent must know what’s happening in the market and be able to utilize today’s technology, for your benefit. (4 out of 5 buyers first view your property online.) Once vetted, utilize your agent’s advice on pricing, marketing and negotiation.